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The publication of an article in a peer-reviewed journal reflects the work quality of its author(s) with his/her or their pertaining institution(s). Therefore, it is important for a peer-reviewed journal to have an ethical standard for all parties involved in the act of publishing: the author(s), the journal editors, the peer reviewers, and the publisher. JurnalManajemendanBisnisVisioner (JMBV) is committed to ensuring that advertising, reprint, and/or other commercial revenues have no impact nor influence editorial decisions. In addition, the JMBV will assist in communications with other journals and/or publishers should this be necessary to the editors.




This study aims to determine the influence of service quality on patient satisfaction in the outpatient Restu Ibu Hospital. This research using quantitative methods. This research use the technique of incidental sampling with a total sample of 340 respondents, using the method of data collection by way of questionnaires.


Based on the results of multiple linear regression analysis obtained a correlation coefficient value (R) of 0.823, and the coefficient of determination (R2) equal 0,678. The results of the F test of the hypothesis showed Fcount 140,729 > Ftable 2.40 which means there is significant influence between quality of service (X) on patient satisfaction (Y). For the results of the t test, the variables of physical evidence, responsiveness, assurance and empathy partial effect on patient satisfaction. And the reliability variable has no partial effect on patient satisfaction.

Published: 2022-03-08

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